Download HarrierII drawing     Download HarrierII drawing(pdf version)

The AV-8B Harrier II is an advanced VSTOL fighter/ attack aircraft that is co-produced by McDonnell Douglas Aircraft and British Aerospace. It is used by the US Marine Corps, Great Britain, Italy and Spain. The Harrier's single engine provides both lift and thrust. It has large, semi-circular engine air intakes with 2 vertical rows of auxiliary air doors on each side of the fuselage. In place of a conventional exhaust nozzle, the Harrier uses swiveling exhausts that can be repositioned for hovering flight and for better combat maneuvering.
This paper plane of Harrier II has a large air intake like real AV-8B. Horizontal and vertical tail fin are enlarged for stability of paper plane flight.

How to manufacture paper Harrier II

Download the drawing and print it on thick paper. (Refer to Material and Instruments.) Set up your printer for thick paper.
Cut on solid lines.
Start with the body of the jet. Fold up as dash and dot line " _ . _ . _" , the line consealed in fold or located inside the corner as result, and fold down as dash line " - - - - " . At first, fold the tail cone and paste vertical tail fin at rear end of inside the body. Paste cockpit at front of inside the body. Paste nose of body. Fold and paste right side of cockpit (6R.cockpit). Round engine (air intake) 7 and glue at lower edge of body (refer figure). Paste nose cover 8. Cut out catapulting hook 11.
Attach wings to top of jet body. Dihedral angle of main wings is zero degree. Attach horizontal tail fin. No balance weight is needed.
Wait for glue or paste to dry. Spray clear paint thinly if fly outdoor.

Bend down wings slightly as a bow shape to make camber. Dihedral angle of main wings is zero degree. Form washout (decrease angle of incidense at wing tip) at the tip of main wings to avoid tip stall and to incrase stability.