Photo by Paul Nann (www.paulnann.com)

MiG-25 is high speed, high altitude interceptor and reconnaissance plane of Russia (USSR) for the countermeasure against the development of the bomber XB-70 Valkyries and A-12 (SR-71) reconnaissance plane by US Air Forces. MiG-25 is the fastest fighter/interceptor plane in the world, it's maximal speed is Mach 2.83. To bear the high temperatures during high speed flight (300 C met to Mach 3), steel is mainly used for the structure of MiG-25. The main countries endowed of the Mig-25 are: Russia, Ukraine, Libya, Algeria, India, Iraq and Syria. MiG-25 has huge 2-dimension air intake beside the body, two R-15 engine consume an enormous quantity fuel at high altitude and accelerate the plane near to Mach 3. This paper plane of MiG-25 has air intakes like real MiG-25.

The sky is black at the altitude of 27000m (87000ft).

Download MiG-25 Drawing (pdf version)

How to manufacture paper MiG-25
Download the drawing and print it on thick paper. (Refer to Material and Instruments.) Set up your printer for thick paper.
Cut on solid lines.
Start with the body of the jet. Fold up as dash and dot line " _ . _ . _" , the line consealed in fold or located inside the corner as result, and fold down as dash line " - - - - " . Cockpit is surrounded partly in the body. After folding, open and cover back side of jet in paste or glue and re-fold.
Fold up the vertical tail plane. Vertical tail plane is inclined out slightly (8 degree) from vertical line. Paste horizontal tail plane under vertical tailfin as thinly printed engine marking.
Attach wings to top of jet body. Fold down the air intake of engine and stick the small piece on "stick here" at the side of body. Fold nose cover over nose of jet and attach with glue. Cut out the catapulting hook. No balance weight is needed.
Wait for glue or paste to dry.

Bulgarian instructions here.

Bend down wings slightly as a bow shape to make camber. Dihedral angle of main wings is zero degree or slight. Form washout (decrease angle of incidense at wing tip) at the tip of main wings to avoid tip stall and to incrase stability.
Spray paint thinly if fly outdoor.
Fly MiG-25 as "How To Fly".