Sukhoi Su-25 "Frogfoot"

Photo from picture gallery of Woody's home page

Su-25 is heavily armored attack and anti-tank aircraft similar to the A-10 of USAF. The Su-25 is a well-armored aircraft, capable of carrying a large load under it shoulder-placed wing. It was extensively used in Afghanistan, and experience there led to major improvements like titanium plate between engines.
"Frogfoot" is a code name of NATO.

Download of Drawing(pdf version)

How to manufacture Su-25

Download the drawing and print it on thick paper. (Refer to Material and Instrument.) Set up your printer for thick paper.
Cut the paper according to the thick line. Start with body of plane.  Fold up as dash and dot line " _ . _ . _" , and fold down as dash line " - - - - " . At first, stick vertical tail fin inside the body at rear end of body. Then, spread adhasive inside the body and refold. Rear part of the body have T shape. Fold nose cover over nose of body and attach with glue. Cut out the catapulting hook. Fold the frontal edge of main wings and stick under the wings. Dihedral angle of main wings is 5 degrees. Stick the main wings to top of body. Stick horizontal tail fin to the body. Dihedral angle of horizontal tail wings is 10 degrees. No lead balance weight is needed.


Bend down wings slightly as a bow shape to make camber. Bend up slightly rear end of outer part of horizontal tail fin. Coat with spray paint thinly if you will fly outdoor. This paper plane may climb vertically to high altitude and glide for long time if carefully adjusted.