Fly your own airplane !

Test flight                       
Hold the paper airplane at under the main wings and toss, like darts, slightly below.

Pitch  adjustment
Fly as "A" is an objective.
If fly as "B", bend down the rear of horizontal tail wings (Elevator) slightly.
If fly as "C", bend up the rear of horizontal tail wings (Elevator) slightly.

Horizontal turn
If airplane does not fly straight, check the distortion of body or wings and correct them symmetrically.
To turn to the left, bend down the rear edge of the right outside of main wings (Aileron) and bend left the rear of vertical tail wing (Rudder) slightly.

    capapult flight plan of spiral climb

Outdoor flight plan with Spiral climb
If you throw or launch airplane strong ahead, it will take a short vertical turn and immediately lose the altitude. To get high altitude and glide for long time,  paper airplane would be launched as following. This method is called "Spiral climb" or "Immelmann turn climb". It is established by Dr. Ninomiya, creator of White Wings tm.

1. Repeat test flight and adjust the airplane to fly stably and turn to the left slightly.
2. Bank the plane to the right and throw out or launch above with rubber band catapult ( You would better to hold the catapult with left hand and hold the airplane with right hand.). (Be careful to surrounding persons ! !)
3. The airplane will climb with right turn and glide with left turn.
4. Some paper airplane on this web page may fly more than 15 seconds if carefully adjusted.

There is another incredible method for launching paper airplane called "Vertical climb". This is suitable for some origami paper airplane and specially designed cutting paper airplane, but it is not suitable for scale model airplane on this site. Refer some linked web sites (Japanese) if interested.